The Lumos Series Part One – Birth


If you’re not able to/interested in doing The Lumos Series in full and would like to do the childbirth education portion only, this is the page for you!  While we fully encourage you to do the full series (when talking with groups of parents post-birth, the one thing they universally say – and universally isn’t an exaggeration – is they wish they’d spent more time prepping for the realities of caring for baby), we understand that sometimes scheduling/life gets in the way, and breaking up the series is what’s best.

Part One of The Lumos Series covers:

Stages of labor. Birth as a hormonal process. Unpacking cultural conceptions around birth. Preparing prenatally for birth and recovery. Choosing your support team. Strategic positioning. When interventions are necessary/appropriate. Partner support. Tools for coping.


There are two options for this class (both ~13hrs of education) – we teach a 2-day weekend version (with plenty of time for breaks and lunch built in), as well as a 2.5hr 5-week class series.

Upcoming classes:

Weekend series –

9a-5p Sat/Sun September 9 & 10

9a-5p Sat/Sun January 13 & 14

Weeknight series –

630-9p Wednesdays October 4 – November 1

630-9p Wednesdays February 7 – March 7

COST – $180 



Alli Ryan – a lover of forms and spreadsheets (we’re not kidding), an avid runner with her black lab, and great hugger and sympathetic crier, Alli went to her first birth at age 21 and started doing doula work professionally in 2009.

Lea Wolf – a photographer and enjoyer of board games and dog parks. She has been professionally immersed in the birth and baby world since 2004, and hit the milestone of 200+ births this past year.

Riley Huebsch – a Harry Potter fiend and a master at healthy baking; she started attending births in 2001 and has been professionally doula-ing since 2012.