Frequently Asked Questions…

What is the "trio" vs the "team"?

Lumos Doula Services is owned and run by Alli Ryan, Lea Wolf, and Riley Huebsch – the Lumos “trio”.

Lumos has contracted with various Madison area professionals, so that their services can be included as part of the Lumos experience – these independent contractors make up the Lumos “team”.

A majority of your experience will be with Alli, Lea, and Riley – but the Lumos team will be around not only for the services they provide as a part of your package, but also at some of the monthly group prenatals and the workshops.  And the Lumos trio and Lumos team are supports to one another as well; it is powerful to do this work in community, and we all appreciate having one another!

This seems like it's more for pregnant moms - why might my partner be interested?

Though families often assume that doula support is more for mom, it is often partners who become our biggest supports/cheerleaders after the birth and into the postpartum.

The kinds of things partners note about having worked with a doula:

It was such a relief that she had someone to check in with when she was spinning in worry about all the wacky things that were happening in her body during pregnancy.

It was good to be better prepared for labor and actually taking care of a baby – the classes were really helpful to give me a sense of what to expect.

It was surprisingly fun to meet other parents-to-be and hear about what they were experiencing.  We made some new couple-friends through this process.

When my wife “checked out” into labor land, I didn’t have to worry about being the one who remembered everything from the classes and books (especially since she seemed to be the one who did way more reading/info gathering).

It was a relief to have someone we trusted help me best help her in labor.

I was glad to be able to take a quick nap, and stretch my legs to get a cup of coffee when things went long, without having to worry about my wife being left alone.

It was amazing to have someone to call in the middle of the night when our newborn wouldn’t stop crying.  We felt so helpless!

Going back to work felt less overwhelming knowing that my wife had support someone coming in to help her to really knew how to be helpful.

Since we would be hiring you for so much more than just the birth, how does "on-call" work?

What’s cool about hiring the Lumos Trio is that we are always on call and at least two of us are always around.  This means there isn’t a “call window” of 37/38w for birth support (which is fairly standard for birth doulas).  If anything comes up at any point in your pregnancy, we are always available to be on-call for you.

I've never done yoga before, am I gonna feel foolish doing it for the first time as a pregnant person?

Via Kristin –
A question I hear all the time is “ What if I’ve never done yoga before…like ever?” And I get it. The images we see of yoga are of a super skinny girl who has twisted herself into a shape no longer recognizable as a human form. Which is…cool, but not what the practice of yoga is all about.

Prenatal yoga is about embracing the transformation happening in your body and mind while preparing you for your birth. Classes are designed to move you through poses that are shown to help improve circulation, balance, flexibility (even if you don’t think of yourself as a “flexible” person), relaxation & comfort. You will be guided through each pose in a way that meets the needs of your changing body and nurtures your fluctuating emotions and hormones.

Are you going to care if I want pain meds during the birth?

As long as *you* don’t care, nope.  A very definitive nope nope nope.  It is our job to support families in having an experience that they are going to feel good about; it is *not* our job to decide what that experience should look like.  In the research on what families report when they talk about the factors that made for a “good” birth, they talk about feeling involved and respected; they note that they felt like they understood what was going on; and that they were able to make decisions around their care (true emergencies happen <1% of the time – so families nearly always have at least a bit of time to process options and make their own decisions – even if it wasn’t a decision they wanted to make).  We don’t care if you have pain meds for your labor; we care that you feel good about your birth.

My care provider/clinic offers lactation support - will your lactation services be redundant?

Madison is such a fantastic place to be a breastfeeding family!  Did you know the number one indicator of success around breastfeeding is support?  And we firmly believe there isn’t such a thing as too much support (unless you count family being in your personal space without regard to your comfort level ;).  We are thrilled that more clinics and care providers are making breastfeeding support an option for their patients; however there is nothing that beats in-home support.  Imagine how complicated it is to get to a scheduled appointment – on time – with a newborn who is awake – and hungry – but not too hungry.  Ha!  It’s often a lesson in crazy.  And breastfeeding is a hormonal process, just like birth – so the stress of getting to in-clinic appointments can sometime stymie the entire process.  And there is also nothing like having a number of eyes on a mother-babe dyad.  Often our clients are seeing their care providers, accessing our help at home, and seeing Adria at her breastfeeding clinic as well.

Still have questions? Send us a note!

Please write us at info@lumosdoulaservices.com – we’d love to help. Perhaps a meetup over a cup of tea?